Get out those leftover sheets of scrap paper and make these super easy cute dividers for your kids school binders.

After a long day of school shopping we returned home to my daughter 
shoving us back out the door because she forgot the dividers for her school binder.

No way was I going back out for that! I have card stock of every color and size imaginable so I figured 
how hard can it be?

Easy, Easy, Easy

only problem now is her friends having the plain store bought dividers begging her to
get her mom to make dividers for them. 

I put the tutorial HERE and on my freebies page so you can 
make some for your students too  =)

The book and tutorial are all complete!

Tutorial available in the blog shop
and free Halloween printables are up on the freebies page
Hope you like it  =)

Here is the video

I am almost finished with the Gate fold mini tutorial =)
Just finishing up the last few pages then off to write the instructions and make the video.
I cant wait to show it off!

Have a beautiful day

The new album is well underway and I am loving the papers I'm using for it...sooooo cute. The tutorial for this may take a little time to finish due to the size of the book but I think it will be worth the wait =)

I am trying to follow the first gatefold album I made as much as possible since that's the one people keep asking for so if you have not seen it yet and want a better idea of what will be in this tutorial the video linked on my You Tube 

Have a wonderful day!!
Here is the Video for the new recipe mini album and you can find the tutorial up in the Etsy shop HERE

Here it is!  I finally finished my recipe book and now I am building the tutorial for my shop.
I will be posting a video on You Tube of the whole book as well.

I made all my own cards for this book but if you don't have the stamps or extra paper available to make them I have placed a few free downloads of cute cards I found on the internet and I will be putting up a few more I found last night.