Thursday, December 27, 2012

School goodies

Getting ready for school already!
With all the new toys Ash and I got for Christmas were making School Planners

I made the Calendars on my photo shop if anyone needs some I will  be posting them on the freebies page

Monday, December 17, 2012

spruce up those gift cards!

As our families get older their need for material items seems to disappear. Gone are the days of box after box of toys and clothing that overflowed the living room when the kids were little. The new trend in gift giving seems to be gift cards and I think they are so ugly and impersonal!
This year I have gone out of my way to find new fun and gorgeous ways to give gift cards to your loved ones.  Here a couple of photos of what I am giving this year!

This little pouch is made from a paper lunch bag and holds all kinds of goodies!

Inside I made a handmade card with vintage images I printed. I made a bookmark and
postcards also from images I printed right from home. 
Ashely and I made salt dough ornaments that we then inked with Tim Holtz distress inks and covered in fine glitter. Here is the link to the tutorial we used to make them.

This one opens up to hold goodies inside. This card is for an uncle and making things for men is difficult for my frilly girly style so I went on the hunt for vintage man type photos. I searched under vintage car ads and vintage toy ads. This is what I came up with.

 The post cards are all Vintage toy ads from the years when he was a child (i think he will get a kick out of that) the pop out box is large enough to hold a gift card and the postcards! 
I am making a video today (hopefully posted tonight) on making this box. I will be using the Nutcracker Suite paper from G45 for an Aunt that loves that musical. 

Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pirate Lamp

One of many gifts I am making this year for Christmas.

I made this lamp from a bottle of Kraken rum, perfect for my pirate themed lamp. My best friend has a bar and wants pirate decor for it. I think this will fit in nicely. 

I couldn't find a lamp shade I liked to I took a plain one and stamped the words to the Song " Hoist the colors " in each panel of the shade. I then added some black net looking ribbon to the shade and a chain with  keys, a ship wheel and the cap to the bottle. I hope she likes it!


Edgar Allan Poe school project

Edgar Allan Poe
The Pit and the Pendulum

So my youngest son had a project due on this story this week and we finished it last night.
This is what we made =)

I used a canvas art frame and turned it to the back. The story is about a man receiving a death sentence from the court of the Inquisition for an unknown crime. He is placed in one of the dungeons of Toledo so we pained the canvas and frame grey then stamped black accents and covered it with crackle paint.

The narrator describes the horrors of the dungeon so we took some key elements of the story and recreated them in squares. This one is the sable curtains in a room with 7 candles.

The photo on the top is the sentence being given by the high inquisitor and the box on the bottom represents the number of footsteps he counted in his cell. I did not have a stamp with shoe prints so we made this one out of sponge.

In this box we placed a door that I added chain and a lock to. This represents the door to the prison that General Lasalle breaks down to enter the prison.

Rats come up from the pit to eat the food and in the end chew through his bindings, so we made these from clay. We did not have the right colors so after baking the shapes we painted them and added wire whiskers, jute rope tails. 

Here he is strapped to wooden planks with leather straps and a pendulum that swings slowly over his body inching its way toward him. He also had a plate of food and drink (poisoned) close enough to him to eat and drink. 

Thankfully I never threw away my box of doll house accessories! 


Thursday, December 6, 2012


I have opened up my Etsy shop again. 
I went a little crazy again with the flowers...this time on little headbands
SOOOO adorable

I thought this one looked cute on my moms teddy bear. This bear has been loved so much her fur is wearing off!

I am calling this shop The Shabby Little Princess.

I am the princess and defiantly looking shabby these days but that's ok I like it that way!
After my war with the tree (I finally won that war)
I think things are starting look like Christmas around here.

I dont know who's job it is to string lights on these pre-lit trees but wow do they do a good job!

casualties happen in war I suppose.

Once the lights stop working on these kinds of trees it is a nightmare getting them off!

I am still a little grouchy about my wounds but like I said I won and the tree is now all together and all lit up

Hugs All

Monday, December 3, 2012

Lots of new items in the shop today

New Shop Items

A whole shipment from Pink Paislee
City Sidewalks

Holiday planner kits complete with instructions and templates for the quickest little book you can make this year.

Tons of handmade flowers for both decorating your home and yourself =) 

Alligator clips are on the backs of the smaller ones so you can attach them to your hair, clothing, bags, coats or just about anything you can clip to and pin backs are on the large flowers so you can place these on pillows, curtain ties, slip covers, can even attach them to frames for that shabby chic vintage look like I did on this one.

I also added items from the winter fair like cards and ornaments

And finally Miss Ashely's winter embellishment packs

Stop buy and see all the new goodies

PS...I also added some new freebie images to the freebies page!
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