The cover is complete and here is the video that shows you how I did it.


Part 2

I am working on Part 3 this week and now that I have finally figured out my new I Macs video
editing software hopefully the videos will look and sound better.
(note to self...turn off movie playing in background)
Sorry =)

Video 1 in a new series om Altering your own Vintage book!

This is what my family woke up too =) 

I hope you all had a wonderful day!

Tutorial Video is finally finished and will be up on my You Tube channel in a couple of days =)

Sorry I haven't been able to post lately but I am working on 2 new video projects that will be up and ready on Feb 14th!
Here is a little sneak peek at whats coming =)

This project is like a treasure hunt in your craft room!
 You will be shocked by what you find hiding in there =)

And this special video that will be done in a series so all my friends here and on You Tube will get a start to finish video on making and decorating this book!

And as always The inside is stuffed full of goodies!

I will have the first installment on the basics (making the book) completed by Valentines day and the decorating videos will follow shortly after. 
Have a wonderful week!



and the WINNER is...



Congratulations Terry!  

Thank you all for entering the giveaway and no worries there will be more to come =)

(I cant seem to figure out how to post the generator as a photo so you could see the numbers
I will figure that out for next time)