This is a beautiful mini album made using my Make it your own mini tutorial!
Kimi did a beautiful job on her album and I love all the soft colors and details she put into it.
Kimi only used two of the  pages from my tutorial that still hold over 20 photos in order to make this a chunky album for her swap partner.  

All I can say is amazing job Kimi!

This is truly a wonderful Thanksgiving! My little girl is cooking her very first turkey for the family because her mom has to work tonight and she didn't want us to miss out =) I am blessed to have such a beautiful and loving family. Here are a few pictures of her proud of her!

Off to work now. I hope everyone has a happy and safe Holiday weekend!

One week to go before the fair. I have a million projects to finish!

Cards Cards Cards

My Precious

New book with kits to make your own!

More to make!
I have at least 7 projects going at the same time and no room to work anymore. 
I cant wait for this Holiday Fair to be over so I can find my way around again.

who am I kidding...I love it! 
This year we decided to do Halloween quietly and at home. We made it a find it on the internet and make it night. 

Rice Krispie pumpkins, peanut butter spiders and mini pizzas

Yummy Frankenstein's monster cups.

Old monster movies.

Witches hats and brew.
Hope your Halloween was as fun and safe as ours was.

I was suppose to be making bookmarks and tags the last couple of nights but once again got sidetracked by Pinterest  I saw this great picture of a dress form wearing necklaces and thought that it would look so pretty on mine. The first photo is the Pinterest photo the rest are what I am making now. 

I got so lost on this persons tumbler I didn't get much accomplished if you have a few hours to spend drooling ill leave the link for you.  

This will look much better when I have made all 8 of them and layered em the way I want.