Ever Changing Blank Book Tutorial

Sorry for not posting much theses past few days. I have been hard at work on the Blank book tutorial that I have been using in my video series =)
I made over 20 of these books and sold out of them all! I cant keep up so I decided to make a tutorial on how to make your own book. The tutorial will be up in the Ravens Nest shop as soon as I add some finishing touches then its back to work on our series.

Have a Wonderful day!

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  1. I have this tutorial. Although, I have not started the process of cutting it, ect; I wanted to let anyone that is thinking about buying this tut....it is WAY WORTH more than what Dawn is asking for!!!

    If you have never made a mini book or season mini maker; this tutorial could not be any easier to understand! The ONLY way it could be easier, is for Dawn to make it for you!!

    The tut is SO simple the way Dawn has written & included pics of EVERYTHING about it.

    At the end, she has even shown her own book she is working on. It already has the pattern paper, embellishments AND pics!! To give an example of how the pages will look when completed.

    She also has incuded sketches of each page & how they go together.

    YOU DO NOT have to start & stop a video...there is NO video needed for Dawn's well explained instructions!!

    I have made several minis & am VERY excited to get going on this one!! I KNOW I will keepusing this tutorial over & over!!


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