Studio in progress

My new little Home 

Much smaller space than I had before but the new chest with LOTS of drawers
will make up for that <3

Someday that walk in closet will look spectacular. Until then I will keep the door shut.

I LOVE all these drawers!!

my poor clip it up is all lop sided from the move

some new minis going out and one that came in...Thank you Shallale!

Once I finish this its back to making my favorite things..bear with me while under construction.
might not be a lot to post about for a few days =)


  1. Ohhh lots of lovely drawers!! Your space is looking good! I turned our 3rd bedroom into a craftoom and I'm loving it!

  2. Love the drawers. My craft room is joined in with my hubbys music room lol

  3. wonderful new room Dawn! You are doing fabulous getting it all set-up and arranged comfy for you. I love the white shelf piece!


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