Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fair Display

We all headed out to the scary antique shed this morning and found treasure!!

This is the beginnings of our space at the fair. It will only be 8 ft x 7 ft so I was thinking old wooden boxes maybe some old suit cases stacked up but I found something even better.

My grandmother had one of these and I have always regretted not keeping it. Just thinking about all the things I got rid of as a kid makes me cringe!

I love the floral fabric that covers every inch of the inside and the aging just makes it look even better.

It has all of the drawers but we took some out and set them on the floor as part of our display. We have a ton of stuff to make before Thanksgiving weekend.

I made a dressform out of chicken wire and an old lamp stand. The pictures for that are at the end of this post. It will be placed on the other side of the table. That makes it 8 ft long.

Here is the dress form with my Shabby flowers on it and one of the necklaces we will be having for sale at the fair. She made them out of domino's and vintage photos.

 and the best for last. My cute little puppy hanging out next to our stuff. 

Experimenting with photography so some picture have different lighting and settings.
Have a great weekend!

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