I have opened up my Etsy shop again. 
I went a little crazy again with the flowers...this time on little headbands
SOOOO adorable

I thought this one looked cute on my moms teddy bear. This bear has been loved so much her fur is wearing off!

I am calling this shop The Shabby Little Princess.

I am the princess and defiantly looking shabby these days but that's ok I like it that way!
After my war with the tree (I finally won that war)
I think things are starting look like Christmas around here.

I dont know who's job it is to string lights on these pre-lit trees but wow do they do a good job!

casualties happen in war I suppose.

Once the lights stop working on these kinds of trees it is a nightmare getting them off!

I am still a little grouchy about my wounds but like I said I won and the tree is now all together and all lit up

Hugs All


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