Monday, January 28, 2013

More Valentines

I came back from vacation fully charged and ready to go!
I made a couple more Valentines for family and two for the shop that are so adorable!!

First up is Alice 
inviting her valentine to a tea party.

I made the little white and red rosettes out of fabric and the little white rabbit card
comes out of the pocket tucked behind the Love.

All the goodies outside of the gift pocket. 

I made a postcard instead of a full card this time.

The lollipop is attached to an invitation to the tea party.

 more of the goodies inside the pockets.

Next up Sew Sweet Valentine.

I have been collecting sewing themed paper and goodies for a journal I plan on
making soon. I always over do it so a few in a valentine worked out perfect.

its hard to see but the stick pin has a tiny pair of scissors dangling with the heart.

some of the inner goodies.

this little pocket was made with October afternoons thrift shop paper. The dress pattern
on the paper works perfectly.

The outside of the card has the doily with a banner sewed into the bottom.
the photo came out a little blurry.

And here is the inside of the card. 

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