Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Working on my home

Time for some spring makeover ideas to come to life. I spent and still spend A LOT of time on Pinterest and found so many great ideas for my home =)
With all the nice weather we have had here in CA I started a few of my new found projects

First up...

This came from HERE
A site called Lovely Crafty Home.

I have completed the bathroom and half of the bedroom so far. I love the way the bathroom turned out
but all I can say about the bedroom is thank goodness for giant area rugs!

I went with a lighter stain than the original post because the walls are already dark enough but for some strange reason certain areas really came out dark. One tip if you plan on trying this out. 
* Do the whole room at the same time. 
trying to do this a section at a time is creating different looks in each section.
Like I said "thank goodness for area rugs!"

Next up will be privacy for my yard.

This one comes from http://homeimprovementpin.com/

I am surrounded by 2 story homes and never have any privacy in my yard. 
so I think I will give this a try and see what I come up with. 


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