Monday, July 15, 2013

Photo Corners

Make your own photo corners

While working on my holiday planner kits for the upcoming Christmas in July sale I wanted photo corners to match my holiday pages. Not an easy thing to find in July! Solution...make my own.

Place a line of double sided tape across the triangle where the pencil is pointing.

Take a piece of scrap paper from the project your working on and place it across the triangle on top of the double sided tape.

Turn over your piece and trim off the patterned paper around the back of your photo corner.

Now you can add a little decorative edge in case your not ready to put a photo in it yet, scuff it up a bit if your going for that aged look.

When your ready to place a photo in the corners just place a little double sided adhesive on the back of your corner, slide in your picture and attach to your photo mat. 

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