Rubber Stamp Storage

I have tried many ideas for storing my stamps and I have found 2 things to be true about me.

1. If I cant find what I am looking for quickly, I waste half my night searching.
2. If its not out where I can see it, I forget about it until its to late.

This Stamp storage is AWESOME!  See for yourself =)

Organized and categorized on thick clear plastic sheets so that I can easily see each and every stamp I have.
Here is how I made them.

clearance at Michaels $6.00 each pack. I bought 3 packs and each sheet made 4 hangers that fit my plastic drawers. 

I made a template of my plastic drawers and then cut my sheets to match.
Each sheet had a section on it with magnets, that was perfect for my die and stamp sets!

All I had to do was stick the rubber stamps right to the hard plastic and place them in the category they matched.  For stamps without printed images on the back (I think it should be standard on all rubber stamps) I used plain white copy paper and my tape gun to make a stamp-able surface on the plastic sheet. 

Next is working on my clear stamps. They stick to em too! I have so many of them thats going to take me a while to finish but well worth it!

I hope this gives you another idea for your stamp storage. Now go attack the clearance isle at Michaels!

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  1. oh wow! i love your stamp organization... this is definitely going to work for me! tfs... hopefully i can get all the supplies. If I ever accomplish this i will let you know! :) ♥


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