The Magic of OZ

The Magic of OZ
photo book

This page is a pocket that can hold lots of loose photos 
or memorabilia. The flap opens just under the scarecrow.

 Each one of these pages is an open pocket at the top that holds 
over sized tags with photo mats.

 Scarecrows card opens up and has two photo mats

 The envelope is also another good spot for loose treasures.

more over sized tags with photo mats.

 This page has a photo mats house and wallet.

 Wallet and house opened up.

Waterfall cards on the last page along with another large pocket to hold
loose items.

Hope you enjoy my newest book  =) 


  1. Wow Dawn, beautiful work.

  2. This mini is stunning! Of course being from Kansas (the Land of Oz) I'm a little partial to Dorothy and her crew. You've made all sorts of fun places to stash pictures, journaling and memorabilia!

  3. It´s a wonderful book and full of creative ideas.



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