Oz book in the making

Had the Wizard of OZ on tonight and became inspired to create my next book

This one is dedicated to my mom...every year when I was little my mom
made the one night of the year this movie came on TV the best night ever.
Homemade peanut butter fudge, warm fuzzy slippers and blankets all curled up on the sofa
just me and my mom. 

Time passes to quickly, maybe this will inspire all of you to go make warm fuzzy memories with your families <3


  1. Dawn I love your Wizard Of Oz book!!! I remember also when it came on once a year and that night was GOLDEN to me. Now me along with my daughter who is now 18, will repeat every line when watching it. Funny how what we pass to our kids had so much meaning to us when we were kids ourselves :)

  2. I'm from the days of watching it once a year too! What fun! Beautiful memories. The book is a wonderful tribute to your Mom.


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