Friday, September 13, 2013

What is a Day Book?

Question:  what is a day book and when would you use one?  

Answer: Lets start off with what a day book use to be. 

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1: A book in which the transactions of each day are recorded as they occur.
2: A diary or journal.

Now with computers and mobil everything most people don't write these things down in books anymore so the day book needed a new purpose. Some people make them for creative journaling, inspiration books, pretty note books even smash books can be called a day book but for me it is a mini travel/memory book to go. I make mine with photo mats, journaling spots and pockets (cant have enough pockets) in a size that fits in your weekend bag. As you go away for a weekend trip to tasting in Sonoma, you can bring your day book and keep all the special keepsakes for the weekend in the pockets, write your favorite weekend memories down then, when you get home and print your pictures you just place them on the photo mats in your book. Now you have a beautiful keepsake full of memories to show your friends and family and you did it on the go.

these two photos are a very simple example of one of my day books
(I have a hard time keeping it simple)

You can also give a day book as a gift. I made one for a friend when she retired for her last week at work. She had her co-workers write in her book and took pictures of her office and with her friends.
I liked the book so much I made another one.

Just a couple of the pages here but if you would like to see the rest here is the link to the gallery

Hope that answers the question and if you have anymore I can try to answer I am just an email away.

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