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     Big day for us today. We listed our home for sale and started the painful process packing and throwing away anything non essential. There has been quite a bit of debate over whats is and is not essential. I am winning the fight so far =) The plan is to rent a place until we find our new home 3000 miles away! This will be the adventure of a lifetime and, I will finally get my farmhouse!!!! 

     The good news is my studio will be the last thing to be moved so I can keep filling orders and working on projects until the BIG move to New York. 

     Here is a peek at the inside of my latest creation. The tutorial is almost finished and I think I have most of what I want for a few kits to go with it as well.

As soon as everything is finished I will post a video of the whole book and what goodies will be available to go with the tutorials. Have a wonderful weekend!

I have tried many ideas for storing my stamps and I have found 2 things to be true about me.

1. If I cant find what I am looking for quickly, I waste half my night searching.
2. If its not out where I can see it, I forget about it until its to late.

This Stamp storage is AWESOME!  See for yourself =)

Organized and categorized on thick clear plastic sheets so that I can easily see each and every stamp I have.
Here is how I made them.

clearance at Michaels $6.00 each pack. I bought 3 packs and each sheet made 4 hangers that fit my plastic drawers. 

I made a template of my plastic drawers and then cut my sheets to match.
Each sheet had a section on it with magnets, that was perfect for my die and stamp sets!

All I had to do was stick the rubber stamps right to the hard plastic and place them in the category they matched.  For stamps without printed images on the back (I think it should be standard on all rubber stamps) I used plain white copy paper and my tape gun to make a stamp-able surface on the plastic sheet. 

Next is working on my clear stamps. They stick to em too! I have so many of them thats going to take me a while to finish but well worth it!

I hope this gives you another idea for your stamp storage. Now go attack the clearance isle at Michaels!

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A little early for a December Daily album but...
by the time I get it completed and tutorial written I will be right on time =)

I am just so excited to have my Ashely back in the studio helping me design it I had to share the flowers she made for me. 

Aren't they ADORABLE?
She said if I make kits for this one she will make flowers to go with them.
She is so sweet!

Here is the whole cover to give you an idea of what's coming up. I am using a few collections to make this book (cleaning out the storage for our upcoming move)

Wait until you see the fun interactive pages on the inside. 

Thanks for stopping by
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Hello everyone! Today was the first cold day we have had here in southern CA for a very long time and I am SO ready for it. Its just doesn't feel right to be thinking Halloween when its 90 degrees outside.

I have been working on several magazine submissions and I asked my friend if I could submit the
layout I did of her baby Logan. She was very happy about it so....keep you fingers crossed that our little angel makes it to print =)

I wish my photography skills were better because this in person is so bright and it looks a little dark I hope they have editors to fix it if they pick him.

I used the new Graphic 45 Mother Goose collection and the saying is one of my favorites from Winnie the Poo.

Have a great week!

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Question:  what is a day book and when would you use one?  

Answer: Lets start off with what a day book use to be. 

Photo from

1: A book in which the transactions of each day are recorded as they occur.
2: A diary or journal.

Now with computers and mobil everything most people don't write these things down in books anymore so the day book needed a new purpose. Some people make them for creative journaling, inspiration books, pretty note books even smash books can be called a day book but for me it is a mini travel/memory book to go. I make mine with photo mats, journaling spots and pockets (cant have enough pockets) in a size that fits in your weekend bag. As you go away for a weekend trip to tasting in Sonoma, you can bring your day book and keep all the special keepsakes for the weekend in the pockets, write your favorite weekend memories down then, when you get home and print your pictures you just place them on the photo mats in your book. Now you have a beautiful keepsake full of memories to show your friends and family and you did it on the go.

these two photos are a very simple example of one of my day books
(I have a hard time keeping it simple)

You can also give a day book as a gift. I made one for a friend when she retired for her last week at work. She had her co-workers write in her book and took pictures of her office and with her friends.
I liked the book so much I made another one.

Just a couple of the pages here but if you would like to see the rest here is the link to the gallery

Hope that answers the question and if you have anymore I can try to answer I am just an email away.

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Clean out the extra goodies by making Day Books!

What do you do with all your extra embellishments and left over paper from finished projects?
I decided to put them to good use and make a whole bunch of Day Books! 
By a whole bunch I really mean until I get bored and move on to the next big project =)

Here is book number one.

I love this title!

This one measures 5 x 8 and has lots of space inside for all kinds of memory collecting.

I made pockets from old book paper and stuffed journal cards in them.

More fun pockets and cards sewn into the book.

I used papers and embellishments from several lines like Farmhouse paper co. Simple Stories,
Maggie Holmes and Websters pages.

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Another book pocket with a Prima journal tag inside.

Logan's Memory book

I am making this book for my very dear friend and I wanted to share some of the pages today.

My favorite part of this page was making the photo wheel.  I used Tim Holtz picture wheel die.

This is the back of the first page. I wanted a picture with the tummy =)

This page has a mini album attached to the bottom. I used a vintage postcard kit from Crafty Secrets
for the top and bottom of the book then made the pages from card stock.

I added a little dangling charm with a blue gem and attached the pages with coffee stained crinkle ribbon.

Here a couple of the pages from the inside.

This page has a large pocket that holds all of the family and friends photos that were taken 
at the hospital.

I love the little car charm.

Such a little angel

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August 23 2013  -  August 26, 2013

"If there ever comes a day when we can't be together, keep me in your
heart, I'll stay there forever."

Winnie the Pooh.
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My Haunted Farmhouse is FINALLY done!!!

Here is the video...hope you like it.

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No work.... Play!

I was planning on finishing up the tutorial on my new book coming out soon but someone has other ideas for me today. 

So books on hold for another day while I go make my puppy happy =)

Here is another sneak peek at whats coming.

Have a great week!

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Time to make some room for the new kits!!

Just a quick post to let you know I put the Holiday style mini planner kit and the Mason Jar mini recipe book kits on sale to make some much needed room for more supplies.  They are 30% off in the shop now. Both kits feature paper lines that have been discontinued so if you like them this is a good time to stock up =)    All the other kits only have 1 or 2 left (happy dance) so thank you all very much for your support!

Holiday Style Mini Planner book

Mason Jar mini recipe album

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Book 3 of the Holiday Planners

The last of the three books is finished and photographed. As requested here are all of the pages and the pull outs for the Make it Merry Holiday Planner book. Hopefully I got all the right angles and closeups needed for creative inspiration. All but one kit sold from this collection (happy dance) A big thank you to my wonderful customers!!
(photo heavy post...Sorry)

The End!!

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